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Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus outbreak

Messy Church is cancelled until further notice

Hello to everyone who's missing Messy Church!

Your Messy Church friends just want to keep in touch at this special Easter time and let you know we’re thinking about you and praying that you’ll keep safe and well.

There are some great links to the Easter story on the Messy Church website or try typing in Cecil the Lost Sheep on YouTube for some fun stories.

Let us know if there’s any way we can help you during this difficult time and we’ll do our best.

A happy and blessed Easter as we remember all that Jesus has done for us.

With love and prayers,

Sue and the Team at Alderman’s Green.

Messy Church website:

Messy Church's response to COVID-19

What is Messy Church?
Messy Church is a way of being church for families that’s fun!

When does it happen?
Just once a month on the first Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30pm approx.

Where is it?
Here at Alderman’s Green Free Methodist in the hall.

What goes on there?
First, you can get drinks and biscuits then join in some simple crafts and activities on
a Bible theme.  After that we’ll have some songs and a story on the same theme in the
church before all sharing tea together.

Why Messy Church?
Lots of families find it difficult to come to church on Sundays for various reasons.
Messy Church is an alternative way to learn more about Jesus and the Christian faith
in a relaxed atmosphere.

Can anyone come?
Messy Church is aimed at families, so children always come accompanied by an adult
who is responsible for them throughout the session.  That might be a parent,
grandparent or other carer.

What’s in it for the adults then?
There’s no age-limit to joining in the activities!  You can have a go yourself and help
your younger ones too.

Is there a charge?
No, everything is free.  There’s a donation box on the side if you want to give
something but otherwise just enjoy!

For further information about the worldwide Messy Church and its history, just go to:

Dates for your diary
    Thursday 4 June 2020 - Pentecost
    Thursday 2 July 2020 - Fruits of the Spirit
    Thursday 6 August 2020 - Bible Seasides
    Thursday 3 September 2020 - Our Community
    Thursday 1 October - The Lord's Prayer
    Thursday 5 November 2020 - Fireworks and Remembrance
    Thursday 3 December 2020 - Christmas Bible Characters

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