Gift Aid and Offertories

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Gift Aid

Thanks to everyone who has completed and returned their signed Gift Aid forms.

If you haven’t yet done so please would you complete the forms and return them to me in the envelope provided.

If you have a problem completing the forms please do not hesitate to email me, or ring me on 07855 399 006.

When I have all the completed forms we can then make our claim, which is estimated to be £5,300.00.  Much better in our account than HMRC.



Thank you to all those who have set up standing orders and made payments to the church account.

Thank you to those who have sent cheques to me.

Thank you to those who have given me their offertory by one means or another.

These actions show your great support to the Lord’s work in our church.


If you would like to set up a standing order, even if that’s only temporary, please email me and I will forward the church bank details on to you by post.

Standing orders can be varied and/or cancelled at any time.

Cheques can be sent to me at my home address as shown in the church directory, or you can bring them to my doorstep, provided you let me know of your impending arrival.

You can bring any cash to my home provided you let me know when you’re due to arrive.

Please do not send loose cash by post.

Our Minister, David, has also offered to accept your offertory and then bring it over to me. If you wish to make arrangements with David please contact him first.  Please ensure your name is on the envelope.

I would emphasise that this is not a request for funds for the church, but simply a response to a good number of enquiries.

May the Lord continue to greatly bless you, and keep you safe, until we meet in his house to worship his Holy Name.


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